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Are you Dominant or Submissive in Bed?
Do you like to control or 'be controlled'? Take this quiz and find out! ;)

1. How does a good, hard spanking sound right now? You know you deserve it... ;)
Hell no, I`d rather YOU bend over. Gimme the whip!
I`d rather give one than take one...
I`d rather have my *** grabbed than spanked, thank you very much. :P
Mmm, yes, I need a nice handspanking to tame me. ;)
I`m bending over as you speak, Master.
2. Wanna be on top?
Hell yes! I want to make you scream in pleasure... and pain. ;)
Yeah, baby! Imma ride you!
Sure, why not? It can be my partner`s turn next time. ;)
It`s OK, but I`d rather have someone cage me in their arms and take me over and over again.
No. No. No. I want to be TAKEN. NOW. NOW. NOW.
3. You`re making out with your partner, and he/she roughly grabs your hair and pins you to the wall. HARD. What`s your reaction?
Um, I`M the one pinning -- no, SLAMMING -- people to the wall.
I`m usually the one who does that.
Sounds hot. I wish my partner did that! *sigh*
I`d make out harder and faster! HOT HOT HOT!
Hell yes! Followed by pinning me to the ground and taking me...possibly against my will. *swoon*
4. Being tied up to a bedpost --- Hot or Not?
I`d rather tie YOU to the bedpost and watch you squeal helplessly. How`s that sound?
It`s alright... it`s something I often do to my partner, however. ;)
It`s OK... it`s something out of the ordinary. I`m willing to give it a go.
Mmm....yummy! Definitely, hot.
Hot x 100. Make sure the knots are tight enough so I can`t I can`t escape your wrath... ;)
5. Who usually initiates first, you or your partner?
Me. ALWAYS. My partner is always subject to my utter will.
Usually me. I`ll let them take over occasionally. ;)
It`s pretty equal.
Usually my partner.
Never me. I`d rather be taken by surprise.
6. Taking a shower and being "assaulted" and being slammed against the shower door --- Hot or Not?
Not hot at all. Something I`d do though.
Ehh, it`s not really my thing.
I wouldn`t mind. Sounds pretty HOT, as long as its followed by a more gentle "scrubdown". ;)
Oh yeahhh, baby!
Yes. And then I need to get on my knees. ;)
7. Which of the following do you prefer?
I wanna bend my partner over, spank them real good, and give them the best love they`ve ever had. ;)
I wanna get on top and make them scream my name!
I wanna make out-of-this-world love to my partner when he/she comes home tonight.
I want to be taken and caged in my partner`s amazing arms.
I`ve been very, very bad and I need to be disciplined.

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