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what dog are you
a test to determine what dog you are

1. what do you think will be your dog
golden retriever
2. can you get away with anything if you want to
yes,im a ninja duhh
no,im about as quiet as an elephant
i dont even try
3. would you stay by your person even if they were evil/mean
yes, everyone deserves company
no, an evil man is always the first to go
no, he is EVIL what dont you undestand about that
4. if you could only save one who would it be
your mate
your pups
die saving them both
5. how many pups would you want
none, independent
6. would you rather...
stay home
sneak around
hangout with friends
7. did you like this quiz (plz PM me any time)
hell yesh

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,743
Created on:6/26/2013 8:50:29 PM
Made by:bloodsucker3

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