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What Type of Dog Are You?
What's your canine twin.

1. What do you like to do on the weekends?
Draw/ T.V.
Hang with friends/ Mall
Football games
2. What color is your hair?
Black/ long and straight
Full of bouce/ Brunette
Short and spikey
3. How are your grades?
B`s/ C`s
4. How is your personality?
Perfect in every way!!
Nice/ Funny
Dark/ Mysterious
5. What are you friends like?
All like me!!! Perfect!!!!!
We`re a random bunch
We all have things and common and are in the same clique
Jocks/ Cheerleaders

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Times Taken:3,507
Created on:10/30/2008 11:07:54 AM
Made by:cheeseforyou

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