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Are you a dog or a cat?
dogs or cats...

1. Would you rather?
Play all day.
See what your friends are up to all day.
2. Would you rather?
I`m vegetarian!
3. Would you rather?
Squeaky bone.
Fluffy ball.
4. Would you rather?
A pet dog
A pet cat
5. Would you rather?
A basket
A bed
6. Would you rather?
Indoor alone
Outdoor alone
None (on effect on your score)
7. Would you rather?
A tail that wags to show all of it`s emotions
A tail that wags because it is telling you something is wrong
These are different things that cats and dogs do with their tails
8. Thank you for taking the quiz? No effect
Thank you livi11
Go away weird name!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:572
Created on:4/5/2017 5:39:57 AM
Made by:livi11

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