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what dog breed are you quiz. this quiz tells you what dog you would be if you were one  have fun   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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what dog breed are you
this quiz tells you what dog you would be if you were one. have fun!:)

1. what is your best resource
my nose for sniffing things out
my legs for running
my fur for keeping me warm
my confidence
helping people
my eyes for searching out killed hunt
my strength
my legs for digging
2. if you were left in charge in class cause` your teacher left for 30m., someone was acting up, u would...
make them do math all day
the teacher wouldn`t put me in charge
i would be painting my nails, and wouldn`t really care
threat to throw a snowball
i would be sniffing my food, did u say something?
i would, i would chase them around the room!
i would calmly tell them to stop, and if not, punish them by making them sit in a corner
i would trip them when they went out the door to recess
i would just tell the teacher who acted up when she/he came back
3. if you could live anywhere, where would you live
if i`m near safety( like the fire station) im happy!
in a huge mansion, with a walk in closet just for me!
in hawaii, with the ocean right in front of me, and a coconut...
in the snow, like in idaho or something
near a race track, so i can race all day:)
at my friends house, yay
in the middle of the country area, so i had a bunch of land to dig and run
in a forest area, so me and my person can go hunting
4. what type of owner would u like?
an owner that could race me, A LOT
an owner that would take me with them everywhere
an owner that lived in the snow or somewhere cold, and that would hunt with me a lot
an owner that would totally spoil me
an owner that bought me a bunch of toys, and play with me a bunch
an owner that fed me human food and took me on walks at least 3 times a day
an owner that had an exotic job like a fireman
an owner that let me have play dates with my friends a lot
an owner that took me on hikes, and hunted with me:)

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Created on:1/6/2013 12:33:23 PM
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