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What dog breed are you?
I don't know.

1. Describe how you feel about the outdoors?
Slow, steady, not really rushing.
Curious, excited to see what the day holds!
Carefree, I enjoy the open space of the outdoors.
I can`t wait to play a sport outside!
Steady...I like the outdoors, but I`m not in any rush.
Boundless, free...I love outside!
Free-spirited, I just want to run and have fun!
2. Describe how you feel about being indoor?
Either asleep, eating, or watching t.v...I`m kind of lazy.
I enjoy the luxuries that my house offers me, but I`m always on the lookout for something fun!
Calm, yet playful. I like to keep a medium on life.
I`m still active and playful-I demand someone plays with me!
Inside is a nice calming place where I can be with my loved ones.
Trapped...I need freedom!
Quiet...usually reading a good book or taking a nap.
3. How do you typically approach a new day?
Half awake, groggy...I`m not a morning person.
With energy and zest!
Casual, meh...I feel fine.
With a goal set to accomplish and a pawstep forward!
Often negative...what good can happen today? I don`t think much...
With a temper at waking up! But I get over it pretty quickly.
With caution...what`s in store for today?
4. Is it easy for you to make friends?
I have a specific taste...I either love or hate a person...but I`m generally easygoing.
Of course! Everybody loves me!
I don`t have a problem making new friends, I get along with people fine.
I love making friends. Lots of good people to joke around with...you could say I`m popular.
Not really. I don`t really want friends, and people get that feeling from me.
It depends on who the person is. I get along with those who meet my standards.
Not really. I like friends, but I`m kind of shy and don`t really approach people often.
5. How would you comfort a friend if they were upset?
Order take-out! We`d both be feeling happy after we have eaten!
Talk about it. Add in some smiles, jokes, and laughs, and the problem`s solved!
Offer comfort with affection and understanding.
Invite your friend to a social event...doing something fun and active will cheer your friend up!
Remain with your friend and listen to how he/she is perceiving the problem.
Tell him you`ll fix it, then go beat up the person who made your friend feel down.
I`d try to remain confident and sure...but I`d be having some doubts as well.
6. What most resembles your relationship with others?
Indifferent... I respect and care for some people, but I`m not thrilled about meeting new ones.
Exciting...I love talking and catching up with people!
Friendly...I see no point in stirring up trouble. What`s the point?
Silly...I enjoy making people laugh and seeing their reactions to different things.
Cautious and unwilling to talk. I find it hard to trust others.
Confident...I enjoy being with others, as long as they enjoy being with me.
Respectful...you could call me a peace-keeper.
7. How do you act while in a public place?
I`m friendly and easygoing, but I keep to myself. Out of laziness.
Talkative, happy, and sort of demanding...I have an attitude, and I`m ready to show people it!
Mild...I don`t like to cause trouble, but I enjoy making new friends.
Enthusiastic...I`m curious and excited to see what people are doing!
Suspicious...I don`t let people pester me. You never know what they`re up to.
Confident and proud. I`m awesome...everyone is just a moron anyways.
Reserved, but respectful and polite...I don`t want to make a scene.
8. There`s danger nearby. What is your reaction to it?
I don`t usually react, but if it`s huge trouble, then we`ll see.
I bitch it out and make it cringe in fear of my wrath.
I stay steady, openminded, and I don`t panic.
Keep thinking positive and meet the issue with the full force of my power!
I don`t back down ever, I stand and intimidate the problem. It will go away when it meets me.
Trouble? Really? Please! Nothing troubles me!
I think about the problem logically and calmly, taking everything that`s there into consideration.
9. Do you enjoy being challenged?
Not usually...I don`t bother with "challenging" things.
There`s no challenge...I`m awesome at everything!
I enjoy a challenge, as long as it`s fair.
Bring it on!
It depends...is there a purpose behind it?
Sure! Let`s see what they`ve got!
Not with others, but I do challenge myself sometimes.
10. Which of these sounds the most appealing?
A pillow fort and all the food you can eat!
Two words: World Domination!
A lot less pain, hunger, and suffering around the world...
My own amusement park! With all the things I want in it!
The freedom to beat whoevefr crosses me without it affecting the law.
My own country! Think of everything you could do with that!
A pair of wings, so I could take to the skies and soar through the air.

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