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Which dog breed group would you be in if you were a dog  quiz. So there s the Herding  Hound  Sporting  Non Sporting  Terrier  Toy  and the Working Group Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which dog breed group would you be in if you were a dog?
So there's the Herding, Hound, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Terrier, Toy, and the Working Group.

1. So... where would you want to live?
The snow!!
A farm. MOO!!
A forest.
A couch...
A kitchen... I`ll be able to SMELL the good food! :D
2. What is our height compared to most people your age?
Just about average
3. Are you usually able to smell things that others don`t smell?
Yes I have a great nose! :)
Umm... not really?
4. Do you hunt animals?
Yes. BANG BANG!! (me: I don`t like you D:)
Nope (me: I like you! :D)
5. Are you independent?
Yes, yes I am!
Umm... sure?
No I follow the crowd.
6. Are you brave?
Yes if there`s a ghost in my closet, I`d say, "Dude I`m trying to get some sleep can you go away?"
Well I`m not a coward... I try new things once in a while and go on big giant roller-coasters...
7. Are you good at skiing, snow-boarding, or some other snow sport?
Yes I play all snow sports every winter... every weekend!
Yeah I`m pretty good at some.
No... I hate the snow.
No but I love the snow :D
8. Your report-cards in school are like...
... most of the time straight A`s
... A`s but just as many B`s
... C`s, D`s, and some F`s
... always F`s, I am not very intelligent.
9. How active, playful, and sporty are you?
I am active ALL the time! (or at least try to be)
I can sit in a chair on my laptop for a while, but I love to get outside.
I just take naps all day -_-
10. How alert are you?
Extremely alert!
Uhh... kinda... I guess...
Not one bit.
What does alert mean?
11. Are you likeable and popular at school?
Yes I`m a great companion! :)
Well I`m friendly but kinda shy so I`m not very popular.
LEAVE ME ALONE!! (me: I take that as a `no`)
12. How feisty and aggresive are you?
Very! GRR!!
Somewhat... I can be competitive.
No that doesn`t sound like me.
13. How energetic/hyper are you?
"Have you taken your medicine today?" My friend tells me (yes).
Sure but I have a calm side.
I`m not like that.
14. When in an argument, do you ever give in?
Not quite but not as much as the above option...
No I always give in.
15. How loud are you?
Depends on my mood.
No I`m a quiet little thing.
16. Are you "tough as nails"?
Yes... tougher than a stone.
Sort-of tough
No I`m quite sensitive.
17. Do you live in an apartment?
Yeah, why?

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