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Does this situation sound weird to yall?
**Nothing else to say**

1. Ok well, I have a bf. And I really really like him. But he gets in trubble.... ALOT! Ok,so his parents take his phone away when he gets grounded. So he can`t talk to me and well I haven`t been nagging him to keep out of trubble or anything.
2. But it makes it difficult when I never talk to him. And now my BFF`s ex bf has gotten my number and he really really likes me. He texts me everyday. Well idk what to do should I give my bf another chance or move on.
3. I have been like this for a month now and I`m sick of it. But am I trying to be understanding and compassionate. But I just don`t know what to do.... HELP ME!

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Created on:2/15/2010 2:49:06 PM
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