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How Does Your Soul Feel Today?
Based off of your current interests, mood, personality and relationships.

1. What did you spend most of your time thinking about today?
Nothing in particular, just daydreaming.
My friends, and what I`m doing later on.
Things that are causing stress in my life.
Someone I love.
2. How was your day today?
Pretty boring and pointless.
It was pretty great.
3. Do you currently hate someone?
I have no reason to.
I don`t hate people, nobody deserves that.
Yes. I wish they would leave me alone.
The only person I care about is the person I`m in a relationship with.
4. What do you normally daydream about?
Random things, like if I could pause time.
Hurting someone that I don`t like.
The person I love.
Something funny that happened the other day.
5. If you`re trying to focus on something and someone`s talking loud, you would:
Try your hardest to ignore them.
Tell them to shut up because you can`t focus.
Politely ask them to talk quieter.
Give up on what you were doing and daydream.
6. Choose one that you would like to do right now:
Listen to music that says exactly how I feel.
Be with the person I love.
Be at a party, hang out with friends.
Relax, watch tv or read a book.

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Created on:11/5/2010 11:13:21 PM
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