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What does your soul fall into?
Darkness...Or Nice personality?

1. Your friend just fell,what do you do?(she`s bleeding!)
help them up!*grabs the person!*
help them and then giggle.
Hide behind a tree!
Laugh my brains out!
*runs away*
i guess call mommy.
2. You just got arrested because you prank called 911 like 50 times.What do you do?
Grab a chain saw and escape!
I did something wrong better get what i deserve.Stay in jail.
Grab a chainsaw,wait!No.Stay in jail!I don`t know what to do!
hide in the corner...
escape from the windows
go to bed...
stay quiet.ignore evrything
3. You just stole a diamond ring for yourself/or your girlfriend.And you got caught.What do you do know?
Run away.
Get what I deserve.Go to jail
run away and return it later.
hide in the bathroom and start crying.
get away and still have the precious ring!
Steady as a statue.
........heart failure.
commite suicide
blame it on her/him near by!
4. Ok,Your family is going to ceder point,but you and your friend had plans right when you were going to leave.You do what?
Say"See ya sucka!"
let her join in with you to ceder point.
let her down slowly and say i will call you later.
Hide in the car and say drive,drive,drive!!
Well too bad!
just look down on your feet.
cry and run!
just say see ya later.
5. Ok,your BFF said our friendship is over for no reason..What do you do.?
Just forget about it.Might as well just think about it never happened.
revenge then cry and say sorry..
hide and cry.
kill her.
idk,just stand there.

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