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what does neji think of you?
only for the neji fans and comment.

1. what is your favorite color?
2. ok neji is going to ask the question, neji: ok well, how to do you feel about me?
if i told you, you wouldnt feel the same way.(neji: tell me)
i may have a crush on you. (neji: thats nice)
i hate you (me: why are you taking this?)
3. its neji birthday, what do you do?
bake him a cake that says i love you (me:awww)
write him a letter sayin how muck i like him
kill him (o_o. its his birthday!)
4. would you cook for him?
yes the best food ever (me:more awwwwwww)
yes but i dont know how to cook (me:wow)
yes and put poison in it (me:why do you want to kill him?)
5. last one, would you comment and tell me what you got?
yes, but after my date with him (me:awwwwwwwwww)
yea after i kill him!

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Created on:12/3/2008 7:55:03 PM
Made by:miharusenaka

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