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What does My Chemical Romance think of you? [Girls ONLY!]
... o_o There isn't really a description.... (e)

1. Yeah...I know.. What`s your favorite color?
Blue and yellow! I shall call is BLELLOW!! (Me: Wow... Your scareh.. o_o)
2. Favorite song that MCR made? (From The Black Parade)
Teenagers. ^^
Disenchanted(sp?) It makes me think..
Famous Last Words (me: Me too!!!)
3. Yep. That`s right. RP time!!!! Ray was having a party at his house and he wanted to play truth or dare. You asked Mikey "Truth or dare?". Mikey said dare. What did you make him do?
Run around Ray`s block NAKED!
Lick Bob`s foot.
Kiss someone.
Make him make out with bunnies!!! MUHAHA. BUNNIES SHALL RULE THE WORLD LIKE RAY`S HAIR! (me: wtf...)
4. Ok. This doesn`t really mean anything. It just helps me out with the quiz. HI!!!
*gasp* Hihi!!! *hugglez* (Me: There are places for people like you!)
*too busy listening to My Chem.*
5. Sup? (again..this helps me)
Muffinz?!?!?! Where?!?!?!?!?!?
*still too busy listening to My Chem.*

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Created on:10/21/2007 9:23:38 PM
Made by:Komerisu

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