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does your life suck?
well does it??

1. do you have siblings?If so do they annoy you?
No, i am a only child and it feels good
Yes, but we get along VERY well
Yes, and they annoy the crap out of me
no, but i want some brothers or sisters
2. do your parent get you whatever you want?
Yes, I am spoiled!!
No, never
sometimes on occasion
when i need things they get me them
3. are you popular
YES, I have tons of friends
no i am a loner
i have some friends
i don`t have a lot of friends but i like it that way!
4. do you get invited to alot of parties?
Hell yes i am the life of the party
maybe once every 3 months
Some but i don`t care!
5. does anyone love you?
yeah i think
yes i am dating someone
no not one (boy or girl) loves me :-(
i like someone does that count?
6. Are you good at any sports?
yeah i guess
yeah i am the best on my team
no i suck badly
i am not the best but i am still good!
7. do you travel alot ?
Almost every year!
on occasion
no not alot but there is alot to do where i live
no not alot but i want to
8. Are you happy with your life?
No not one bit
9. do you fight with your family alot?
No we get along very well
Yes sometimes but it ends very fast
yes almost every day and it takes 2 hours to forgive each other!
10. do you go to summer school?
no i am to smart for summer school!
yes but it is a blast!!!
yes it is fun i guess
yes it sucks!
11. Do people make fun of you?
yes it sucks

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