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Does he really like you  Or do you just hope he does  quiz. Hey  my first quiz  feel free to give any tips or suggestions     thanks cool katz     e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Does he really like you? Or do you just hope he does?
Hey, my first quiz, feel free to give any tips or suggestions. :) thanks cool katz. (e)

1. Your at a party, and your kind of late, you walk into the room and he sees you, does he....
Smile and wave at you, but goes back to talking with his friends.
Comes straight over to you, and asks you why you were late?
Doesn`t know you walked into the room, and didnt even realize you were late.
Blushes at you, but then dances with another girl.
2. Does he come up and talk to you, or do you come up and talk to him
I come up to him.
He comes up to me.
Mostly me, sometimes him
Mostly him, sometimes me
We both do it equally.
3. When you talk, does he keep eye contact, and stare staight into your eyes?
Heck no.
Psh. DUH!!
No, he`s to busy looking at other girls.. ( me: ouch, that sucks )
I don`t know, and I don`t care! (me: if you don`t care then why are you taking this quiz?)
4. When he sees you in the hall does he...
lightly brushes past you, or "accidently" on purpose bumps into you.
I don`t know because I don`t care what he thinks! (me: okay seriously dude, your in the wrong quiz!)
He nonchalantly looks at you,but doesn`t do anything because he`s infront of his friends.
Smiles and comes over to you, or leans up against you locker.
Makes fun of you, but in a playful way.
He doesn`t notice you, whatsoever
dude, i freaking love cows. ( me: wow )
i hate you, die. ( me: and the award for little miss-sunshine goes to....)
5. Has he ever invited you to anything before? ( As a group thing, or alone )
Yes, many times
Mmmm, yes and no, he has a few times, but i think just as friends
No. he hasn`t.
He`s never even talked to me.
We`ve hung out, nothing big though. :(
6. Are you one of his "best-friends"? Does he tell you secrets about himself?
Yes, i`ve known him for a couple years, were best buds. He tells me everything!
Not his best friend, but definetly one of his buds.
Sadly, no. but we do talk a lot
No. not even close.
SUGARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (me: is that a yes or a no? )
RAWR!!!!! .. psh you know i scared you!! mwahaha (me: yes you did! -hides in closet-)
7. When he hugs you, or (friendly) kisses you, has he ever...
Smiled and said, I love your hugs :)
It`s great to see you.
Your a great kisser.
I dont know, he`s never done any of that.
He`s only done that in my dreams..... (me: hey, a girl can dream...right..?)
llama,llama,llama,llama,llama,llama,llama,llama, CHEESE!!! (me: hmm wowzers!)
If he ever hugged me, I`d kill him!! ( me: okay seriously leave the quiz!!!)
8. Oh, and what`s your favorite color?
(me: haha i only put this in here because almost every quiz has it) (u: my,aren`t you a funny one!)
green. (that`s mine :])
black or gray.
pink! (me: seriously? ew.)
purple (me:not as bad as pink)
-scowls- (me: SORRY!! -backs away slowly - )
9. This was my first quiz, how`d i do?
You suck, go die. (me: so that`s a no...?)
Your okay.... for a beginner
Your pretty rad, lets hug.
This quiz is epic!
eh... so so
This sucked. (me: a-okay, i can take constructive critisim)

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Created on:7/1/2007 9:20:48 PM
Made by:snowboardEPI

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