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Does he like you?
Time to find out girlfriend

1. How often do you see him?
Every day
Every other day
Every once in a while
Never seen him but will someday
2. Relationship stats.;
BFFS/great friends
awesome buds
never met
3. How long have you known each other?
All our lifes
couple months
a week
soon to be a day
4. How does he act around you?
a Jerk
creeped out
5. When his friends are around, how doest he act?
A Jerk
walks away
says hi
6. Whats the first thing he says when he sees you?
*Hey sweet thannnggg*
*Hey (_what ever your name is_)!*
*Need an auto graph?*
*Hey your names (_what ever your name is_)...right?*
7. What is a compliment you think he`d say to you?
Hey **** face (me; O.o)
Your really pretty
I really like you, your sweet

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Created on:2/24/2011 8:26:03 PM
Made by:Emalema526

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