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 Does he like you  Or again   is it just your imagination   quiz. This is a very accurate quiz  I ve been a dating counselor  so I ve studied this kind of stuff  Take the quiz and find out if you REALLY likes you  Most quizzes lie to you  I m going to be honest in this one  If he doesn t  there are plenty of fish in the see     don t worry  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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.Does he like you? Or it just your imagination?
This is a very accurate quiz. I've been a dating counselor, so I've studied this kind of stuff. Take the quiz and find out if you REALLY likes you. Most quizzes lie to you, I'm going to be honest in this one. If he doesn't, there are plenty of fish in the see.... don't worry.(e)

1. First of all.... do you like him?
of course, that`s why I am taking this quiz. =)
I`m not sure.... he`s giving me mixed signals. I`m doing the same in return.......
No. (me: then... why would you take this quiz.....hmmm?)
maybe... I`m not sure yet.
yes.... and I think he likes me!!!!! (me: oh em gee, good for you! (=)
no. i was bored so i took this. (me: whatever. atleast have fun while you take it.)
2. Do you find him staring at you. Or if you catch his stare.... does he quickly look down... tehn look back up...? (or even possibly smile or blush?)
wow..... now that you mention that... he does all of that! -counts on fingers- smiles., blushes. etc
he just stares at me for a second.
meh... sometimes he smiles... sometimes he looks down.... on nad off.
no, none of those... if he does look at me... he`s probably thinking of something mean to say....
yes. he`s my friend. =) he smiles nd waves! =D
i don`t really pay attention.. his eyes are too beautifult o pay attention to that stuff.-daydreams-
oh em gee! i stare at him! he doesn`t stare at me! dontchaknow? (me:no..)
3. Does he ever show you his palms often? (as in a high five, a hand shake, or even to wave at you?)
i dont pay attention
come to think of it... yes.
yes! his hands are so big and soft yet muscely and strong! -ohhhhh-
no, what does that have to do with this!!?? (me: alot... you just don`t know....)
4. Does he smile at you when you see him? what else does he do?
hmm.... he smiles.... sometimes hugs me.. a peck on the cheek.... brushes past me lightly....
hmmm... he smiles at me, come to think of it....
hmm... sometimes he accidently bumps into me or lightly brushes past me....
he throws heavy metal pointy sharp objects at me when he sees me....
i rarely see him.. the last time i saw him he didnt do much...... only a tiny wave
i rarely see him.... but the last time he saw me he was very happy to see me....
i don`t notice... cause i don`t like him. (me:gosh, go away then...)
lots of stuff......... gosh stay outta my business!!!!!!!! -opens condom package- (me:omg)
5. first of all..... are you are taking this just to make sure he likes you becuz you 2 are dating already?
yes, we`re a very happy boyfriend and girlfriend couple.
omg, i freakin love him and he loves me!!!!!!
no, go away, levae me alone!!!!!! GOD!! (me: umm... are you okay?)
6. this was a short quiz... just the basics............ last question. does he flirt, and/or smile, hug, kiss wheather cheek or lips, say goodbye freqeuntly, say your name 3 or more tiems in a conversation, lauhg with you but not at you, or flirt more?
about 15% of those.... (dont worry those are all signs he likes you ,be honest)
i dont know and i don`t wanna do the math, but about 20-30%
hmm..... 35-45%
half, i didnt do the math, but i think....hmmm?
60-70 percent i think
uhhh.... 71%-80%
100%!!!! i jsut know it!!!!!!
ohem gee definitely 100% he does that stuff ALL the time, i ain`t joking!

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Created on:3/26/2008 1:51:26 AM
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