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Does he like me???
Just wonderin

1. Ok so sometimes he will brag about himself in front of me ALL the time
Na he don`t like you
Yea he like you
2. A couple of times he touched my shoulder lightly while walking past me in math
He is just teasing you! Don`t fall for it!!!
Ohhhhh yea he like youuuuuuu!
3. He will spout out jokes when he is around me. He makes me laugh at every little thing he says
Lol he playing you
He like uuu
4. He asked me out already
He must really like you then!
Seriously. He is just trying to use you
Derrrrrrrrrr. . . ???????
5. My friend says the way he looks at me he KNOWS I like him
Exactly! He`s using you!!!
Mmhhh maybe she`s wrong and he is just looking to see if you like him
6. When he talks to me he will look into my eyes for a second then glance away
I dunno?
He is terrible
Mmmmmm love :)
7. Me and him are completely different. I`m the nerdy Emo girl and he`s the jerky kind.
Yea idk
Um NO!
It can happen ;)
8. Always calls me nerdy or a cheater in a joking way
WoW he is even being silly with you? Love...
He is being a jerk!
9. Ok last he always says " Heyyyyyyyyyy "
*phsssss* whatev. Not even liking
Wow girl u lucky

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Created on:3/8/2014 3:35:08 AM
Made by:Twilight2001

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