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Does God love you?
Find out!

1. Do you study there Bible regularly?
Every day!
A few times a week.
I go to church on Sunday.
I go to church occasionally.
2. Which of the following songs is your favorite?
Blessed Assurence
1945 (Jamie Grace)
Your Lips Are Movin`
Bad Kids
I`ve never heard of these songs. (Won`t affect your score.)
3. Have you ever stolen?
No. Never!
The thought has crossed my mind…
Only once.
Oh, yeah!
4. An officer pulls you over for speeding. You…
Are extremely sorry. You pay the ticket and ask God for forgiveness.
Pay the ticket and get extremely annoyed. You pray anyway.
Say, “My transmition is broken!”
Speed away from the dumb officer.
I don`t have a driver`s license.
5. Have you ever cheated on another person?
I`ve thought of it…
Only once.
Yes! I live dangerously.
I`ve never been in a relationship.
6. Do you say bad words?
No way!
I think bad words. But I don`t SAY bad words.
Every once in a while…
All the time, all the time.
7. Do you forgive easily?
Of course.
After I picture them being slapped by me in my head.
No, but I can.
I hold grudges forever.
8. Do you believe in evelution?
Yes, I`m an atheist.
No, God created everything.
No, but it wasn`t God who created everything.
9. Do you obey your parents?
Yes, always.
I don`t in my mind…
I disobey occasionally.
I am a very disobedient child.
I don`t live with my parents anymore.

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