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What Does Your Eyes Say About You?
What does it say about you? (e)

1. When you catch a cute guy looking your way, your first instinct is to:
GIve him a big smile
Stare right back
Blush and turn away
2. If you had to wear glasses you`d choose a pair that are:
Colored Plastic Frame
Wire Rim
Cat eye
3. When you and your friend are watching a scary movie, during the most frightening scene you:
Hide your face in the pillow
Keep Watching!
Look at your friends and laugh
4. It`s Friday night and your going out, what do you keep in your purse incase you need a quick touch up.
A Bright Lipstick
A natural compact
A black eyeliner
None of the above
5. Who is your style "eye" con?
Angelina Jolie
Mischa Barton
Mandy Moore
None of the above
6. What is your real eye color?

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Created on:11/27/2008 8:41:05 PM
Made by:Prettygurl

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