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What does Draco Malfoy think of you?
Find out what Draco would think of you based on your personality.

1. What do you think of Draco Malfoy?
If I ever got a chance to sit beside him I think I`ll faint
He`s just misunderstood and would be a better person if he had someone to talk to
Drop dead gorgeous. I will punish that bad boy
Ha him? He is a foul, loathsome, evil little roosterroach. Hermione said it all- and did it all too
He`s cute, but I`d rather have Harry
2. If you were caught on the street walking to the grocery store, what would you be wearing?
An "I love Draco" t-shirt with a pair of tight fitted jeans
fitted jeans with simple sweater
I don`t know whatever I wanted that day
skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of chucks
Heels, a tank top and a pair of short shorts
Your favourite sports jersey and some short shorts
3. Quick, Draco kisses you. How do you respond?
Push him away so you can squeal and then you continue kissing him
Freeze in shock, but then slowly kiss him back
Snog him back and then push him into the nearest broom closet
Kiss him back slowly then pull away and blush
Kiss him back roughly then realize what you`re doing and pull back
Go for it. You guys have been friends for a long time anyway
4. What are some of your hobbies?
Collecting Draco`s things and creating a shrine from it
Reading and writing
I like anything that has Draco`s name on it
Listening to music and hanging out with friends
Rock climbing and qudditch
Partying and drinking
5. How would you describe yourself?
Sweet, sensitive, loving
Athletic, smart, independent
Chatty, loud, friendly
Obsessive, determined, DRACO
Opinionated, witty, creative
Loyal, honest, trustworthy
Confident, flirty, wild
6. Which celebrity hottie do you prefer?
Tom Felton because he plays the one and only Draco Malfoy
Orlando Bloom
Colin Farell
Taylor Lautner
Johnny Depp
Adam Brody

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