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Does Your Crush Like You
Plus some advice!

1. Do you ever see he/she look at you in class?
Yes, a lot!
No, never
2. Do you ever see he/she sit by you in class?
Well, no, but we have assigned seats...
No, totally far away
3. Does he/she blush when they look at/ talk to you?
No, never
Sometimes, but mostly not
4. Does he/she make stupid jokes around you?
Oh, yeah!
Well, he/she always does that
Not at all
5. Have you heard rumors about he/she liking you.
A lot
Well, no, but maybe he/she is good at keeping secrets...

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Times Taken:1,664
Created on:4/16/2019 7:50:34 PM
Made by:WOFfam

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