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Does your cat love you?
You love your cat... but do they love you back? Does that adorable face betray you? Find out now!

1. When you are whatching TV, does your cat come and sit with you?
No, they run as soon as they see me!
They come in, but don`t sit with me
They come in and sit on my lap
They come in, greet me by a nose touch, then sit on my lap/next to me and purr
2. When you`re crying, do they come to comfort you
I`m crying because my cat hates me!
Not really
All the time! He`s my best friend
3. Do you think your cat loves you
Yes!!! That goes without saying!!
4. Is the food you buy them...
Normal price
The best I can get- expensive!
5. How often do you take your cat to the vets?
Very often. About once a month
Not often, about once every six weeks.
Once a year
6. How often do you buy your cat treats
Never! The little devil doesn`t deserve them.
He`s too fat!
He doesn`t like anything I buy for him.
Often, about a week after he finishes the last bag.
I make sure I always have treats at hand!
7. How does your cat react when you stroke them?
He bites and scratches me!
He`s never around when I`m around
He just lets me
He purrs and rubs his head on my hand
He likes it
8. Where is your cat when you get back from school/work?
No-where to be seen
Says hi, then wonders off
Rubs himself on my legs the wonders off
Rubs himself on my legs and follows me around purring

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