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Does anyone out there hate me  quiz. Well  I don t hate Florida Wolf or Mershymellow or JakerK  so that in and of itself means someone hates me   and there is icprulez and dbackfan   does anyone else hate me Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Does anyone out there hate me?
Well, I don't hate Florida_Wolf or Mershymellow or JakerK, so that in and of itself means someone hates me...and there is icprulez and dbackfan...does anyone else hate me?

1. What do you dislike about people?
They refuse to think what I think!
They say nasty things about people!
It depends on what else the person does.
2. What is your opinion of people like icprulez?
Stop making hate quizzes! Grow up!
What do you mean? He is my friend!
3. What do you think about hate quizzes?
Meh. I don`t really care.
Stupid hate quizzes. Stop making them, people!
I make them all the time! I hate a lot of people, and that is how I show it.
4. Someone keeps saying bad things about me and other people I respect (Who could THAT be...). What is your reaction?
Who are they? I want to help them!
Who are they? I`ll help you hunt them down!
And I care why?
5. What do you think about this quiz?
Don`t they have comments for this kind of thing?
Stupid. What a stupid quiz.
OK. People should tell you if they hate you.
6. Final question! Doesn`t affect your score! Will you rate or comment?
No! Why would I?
Sure, why not?
Just so I can tell you that I hate you.
Will rate.
Will comment.

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Created on:3/30/2009 7:26:17 PM
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