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Which Doctor Who Character are you?
Which character from the revived series of Doctor Who are you?

1. Where are you from?
Somewhere with an orange sky
A nuclear wasteland
A world just ilke Earth
A warrior`s world
Somewhere with a long name
Third rock from the sun
2. What is your appearance like?
A bit metalic
Lady like
Small but strong
3. What`s your favourite costume?
Leather jacket
A gold pepper pot
Suit of armour
A nice suit
Green skin
4. How do you get about?
A nice blue car
Ball shaped spaceship
A pig piloted spaceship
Stealing transport
Art deco wheelchair
Emergency Temporal Shift
Through holes in the universe
5. What would you do with Earth?
Save it
Poison it
Move it
Live on it
Invade it
Hypnotise it`s population
Blow it up and sell it
Exterminate it`s popualtion
6. Who is always there for you?
Your family
Your creations
Your naive human child
The Doctor
Your companions
Your creator
Your wife
7. What book would you read for inspiration?
The TARDIS Operation Manual
Hypnotising Humans for Beginners
How to Shape the Universe
A Guide to Extermination
The Warriors Journal
How to start World War Three
The Temp`s Guide
Crossing Worlds
8. Which two words describe you best?
Northern Star
Psycho Politician
Metal Monster
Evil Exterminators
Mean and Green
Glorious Warriors
Disfigured Destroyer
Suited Saviour
Leading Lady
9. What`s your favourite Doctor Who episode?
The Doctor Dances
Army of Ghosts
The Stolen Earth
The Sontaran Stratagem
The Sound of Drums
Partners in Crime
New Earth
Aliens of London
10. Which episode didn`t you like?
World War Three
Journey`s End
The Poison Sky
The Parting of the Ways
Planet of the Ood
Last of the Time Lords
The Poison Sky
11. One last question. Will you be watching the Cybermen return this Christmas? This does not affect the outcome.
Probably not
No way

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