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Doctor Who 2007
Fun picture quiz about all episodes of Doctor Who in 2007! (e)

1. Which race travels in these ships?
The Carrionites
The Judoon
The Tocafane
The Macra
2. Who is this?
The Master
Richard Lazarus
William Shakespeare
Professor Yana
3. What is this woman presenting?
Weather forecast
Sports results
News update
Traffic report
4. Where are these creatures hiding?
In the Empire State Building
In Hooverville
Underground New York
In Central Park
5. What weapons are these `people` holding?
Machine guns
Dalek guns
Time Lord guns
Laser guns
6. Who built this machine?
The Master
The Doctor
Richard Lazarus
The Professor
7. Why is he wearing that mask?
He is an alien
He has no face
It`s not a mask, it`s his head
He is possessed
8. What are these creatures called?
Straw jacks
Jack straws
Crow jacks
9. What was she called before she joined the Family of Blood?
10. Why is this statue looking so alive?
It`s remote controlled
It`s being attacked
It`s not being watched
It`s possessed
11. Which acting legend can you see here?
Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ben Kingsley
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Sir Derek Jacobi
12. What is the Doctor doing here?
Fixing his sonic screwdriver
Making a perception filter
Changing his TARDIS key
Examining a Toclafane
13. What did this woman do?
Kill her husband
Kill the Doctor
Capture the Doctor
Save the World
14. In which episode did the Fifth Doctor return to the TARDIS?
Time Clash
Time Crash
Time Lapse
Time Warp
15. Who are these creatures awaiting orders from?
Mr Saxon
Max Capricorn
Bayldon Cooper
Host Emperor
16. Have you enjoyed Doctor Who in 2007?
Yes it was excellent!
It was OK
It wasn`t too bad
Not really

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Created on:12/31/2007 6:44:34 PM
Made by:s6owls

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