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Doctor Who 2006
Fun picture quiz about all episodes of Doctor Who in 2006!

1. `New Earth` Where is the Doctor been asked to come to?
Zone 8
Gateway 20
Ward 26
Department 52
2. `Tooth and Claw` Where have the Doctor and Rose appeared
Scotland in 1879
Wales in 1904
London in 1699
Ireland in 1850
3. `School Reunion` What is on that computer?
Pupil Records
Puzzle Game
Skasis Paradigm
Hypnotic images
4. `The Girl in the Fireplace` Who has joined the Doctor here?
5. `Rise of the Cybermen` Who`s party is being overseen by the Doctor and Rose?
John Lumic`s
Ricky Smith`s
Pete Tyler`s
Jackie Tyler`s
6. `Age of Steel` Who is this?
The Emperor of the Cybermen
The Cyber Master
The Cyber Controller
The Cyberman Commander
7. `The Idiot`s Lantern` What are they celebrating?
The Queen`s Coronation
VE Day
The Millenium
The Queen`s Silver Jubilee
8. `The Impossible Planet` What`s shocked the Doctor and Rose?
A floating corpse
A black hole
The Beast
The Ood
9. `The Satan Pit` What does this vase represent?
The Doctor`s breath
The Beast`s life
A black hole
The Beast`s prison
10. `Love and Monsters` Where has the TARDIS been found?
11. `Fear Her` What has the Doctor told Rose is coming?
A storm
The end
12. `Army of Ghosts` What does the mysterious sphere contain?
Time Vortex
13. `Doomsday` What has the Doctor just seen?
A Dalek
The TARDIS exploding
A bride
The void
14. `The Runaway Bride` What is glowing here?
Vortex energy
Huon particles
Oron chemicals
Solar energy
15. Did you enjoy Doctor Who in 2006?
It was excellent
It was good
It wasn`t too bad
Not really interested
16. If you enjoyed this quiz, I made a similar quiz for 2007. Will you check it out?
I might have a look
I can`t be bothered
I`m not interested

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Created on:3/15/2008 12:12:18 PM
Made by:s6owls

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