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Doctor Who - `The Stolen Earth Quiz
Were you paying attention to 'The Stolen Earth'? Find out here!

1. Who wrote the episode?
Russell T Davies
Steven Moffat
Helen Raynor
Paul Cornell
2. Who directed the episode?
Charles Palmer
Alice Troughton
Graeme Harper
Euros Lyn
3. How many planets were stolen from space and time?
4. After the Doctor realised that Earth had gone, where did he take Donna?
Medusa Cascade
Melissa Majoria
Shadow Proclomation
5. On which programme does Professor Richard Dawkins appear?
Universally Talking
Universally Speaking
Universally Chatting
Universally Educating
6. What `project` is used to teleport Martha?
7. What `key` does General Sanchez give Martha before she teleports?
Tardis key
Osterhagen key
Indigo key
Crucible key
8. What is shown in this image?
Melissa Majoria
Shadow Proclomation
Medusa Cascade
Tandocca Scale
9. What is Sarah Jane Smith`s address in Ealing, London?
8 Barrowman Street
13 Bannerman Road
24 Brandenburg Avenue
32 Battersea Lane
10. Which planet is circled in this image?
Adipose 3
Melissa Majoria
11. What have the planets formed in this image?
A Parallel Universe
The Optimum Pattern
The Medusa Cascade
The Crucible of Planets
12. Who is pictured here?
Dalek Emperor
Dalek Caan
Supreme Dalek
13. What does the circled switch do?
Close a door
Turn on a light
Turn on a screen
Fire a laser
14. Who is picture here?
Dalek Caan
Dalek Sek
Dead Dalek
15. What are the Daleks using in this image?
Dalek defence plan 4
Dalek extermination system 5
Dalek invasion stage 6
Dalek attack formation 7
16. Why wont Sylvia let Wilf have a webcam?
She thinks there too expensive
She thinks there useless
She thinks there naughty
She thinks there dangerous
17. Who is hidden by this fuzzy screen?
Donna Noble
Rose Tyler
Sarah Jane Smith
Harriet Jones
18. Who or what is Martha looking at in this image?
The Doctor
The stolen planets
A dalek
Her mother
19. What number do the companions use to contact The Doctor?
07900 400691
07700 900461
07800 600014
07600 841000
20. What is the teleport base-code that Jack needs to teleport?
4 and 9
2 and 4
6 and 2
4 and 6
21. What is Sarah Jane`s registration plate number?
K446 SJS
H775 ASJ
J337 KAE
G226 USK
22. Who is Rose contacting in this image?
The Doctor
Torchwood Three
Parallel Earth Torchwood
23. Who or what is the Doctor looking at in this image?
A dalek
24. Why is the Doctors hand glowing in this image?
He`s regenerating
He`s been shot in the hand
He`s burnt his hand
He`s growing a new hand
25. Who`s car is blocked by daleks?
Sarah Jane`s
26. Where is this lone dalek?
Torchwood Three
The Crucible
Sarah Jane`s house
27. Will you be watching the finale episode `Journey`s End`?
Definitely. Yes. Absolutely!
Probably not
No way

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