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What Type of Doctor Should you be?
Pediatricain, Surgeon, Dentist, Dermatologist, or Anethesiologist?

1. Who do you work best with?
Anyone as long as they don`t bother me.
Kids and babies.
I prefer to be alone.
Anyone, I`m very patient.
It depends.
2. How much blood and gore can you hande?
A little bit, not too much.
I`m totally fine with it.
I can see it, but I don`t like to work with it or be around it for a long time.
None, if possible.
A little bleeding never hurt anyone, but no gore!
3. Are you a perfectionist?
No way!
I would kill myself if I made a mistake, but it doesn`t have to be perfect. Just within the limits.
I rough it, but I can be precise when I need to be.
Perfectionism isn`t really needed in my area of expertise.
4. Could you handle a patient dieing in your care?
It would be difficult, but I would be okay after a while.
Absolutely, mistakes happen and life would be much easier if we could just forgive ourselves.
What?! I wouldn`t even have a job if that was one of the risks!
Eh. If they aren`t my family or friends, I honestly don`t care.
Maybe. Depends how, who, and why.
5. In a large group, which title would you take?
I don`t know.
The Defense.
Backup Leader.
Weaponry Protecter and Territory Guirder.
6. Which workplace is your ideal office setting?
Normal doctor`s office.
Chem Laboratory.
My room.
A stylish yet practical office with a great view.
One with a small television to distract my patients.
Surgery Room.
7. Are you confident?
I suppose...
I need to be. I don`t want to make a mistake.
Not really...
8. Would animals be a good companion in your office?
No, my patients could be allergic.
Absolutely not, it is completetly unsafe.
Completely! I love animas, and when in a loveing enviorment they can calm people down.
Kids love animals, right? So, yeah!
Eh, who cares?
9. Would you go to school a second time if it would improve your skill and promote you, even if it was expensive?
The SECOND time? I haven`t been once!
No, waste of money. I`m educated enough.
Maybe, if it would make me a better doctor.
Probably, unless the price was just out of my budget.
Yes, anything to improve my education!
How much could they have learned since my last school term? ...... I`ll go!
10. How about bring your kid to work day? Overrated?
There is no way I,m letting my children watch me operate!
No, I think my kids would love to come watch me work!
No way my children are going with me to work! They could mess up everything!
They would be pretty bored.
Uh, my kids are scared of their dentist...
11. What makes you nervous?
Pus and blood.
My patients being in pain.
Getting a dose of medicine drastically wrong.
Getting diagnosis`s confused.
Cutting open something I shouldn`t.
Making a mistakee and ruining someone`s life forever.
12. Do you mind if the media trys to cover a job you must do?
Only if my patients oblige. I wouldn`t want them to be uncomfortable.
I would never let the general population witness operations/what I do. Too gruesome!
Not really, but I don`t do many interesting things. At least, not to them.
Oh, yeah. Any distraction could upset my work process.
I AM the media!
Oh, I`m totally up to the idea of people witnessing my wondrous job in action.
13. What do you think your outcome is going to be?
I honestly don`t know!
14. What do you want your outcome to be?
I`m not sure.

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