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How would you do when being me for a day  quiz. I have a weird life  so let s see how you d do     just to let ya know  it s completly fake  but I m doing this to see if you d last  because this is based off my story  quot Black Blood quot   by Angela s point of view Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How would you do when being me for a day?
I have a weird life, so let's see how you'd do... (just to let ya know, it's completly fake, but I'm doing this to see if you'd last, because this is based off my story "Black Blood", by Angela's point of view.

1. Just so ya know, I`m putting up random pics throughout the quiz, ok? (dosen`t affect outcome)
2. You wake up in a black room in a different body, what do you do?
Scream in panic, thinking someone will help
Quietly get out of bed and look around
Stay in bed, wondering what to do
3. After doing whatever you did in Q.2, Drake comes in the room with a plate of food, how do you react? (you survive here, no matter what)
say "thank-you" and take it
say "Who are you?"
TRY and take him down to the ground and question him
4. Drake thinks you`re not well by the way your`re acting. What do you do?
You tell him you are not well, and go outside for fresh air.
Sit down and tell him about not being who he sees in front of him
just be silent
5. Next thing you know, the wall breaks down and a person with black hair and mysterious eyes reaches a hand out to you.
What the...?
Reaches out to him
Grabs a sword and TRIES to kill him
6. Drake pulls you back with a evil glare at the intruder.
Hey. No. I want to be with that person, not you!
I don`t care, just as long as I live
Get away from me! (you then run out of what`s left of the room
7. Who do you trust? (moving away from last questions)
Drake (full blooded demon who is polite)
Drake`s brother Sebastian (also full blooded demon)
Levi Steel (un-naturally acturate gun shooter)
8. Choose a sign
Blood red with gold sun symbol
Silver moon with blue webs
Black heart with thorns tangled around it
9. You hear sounds from the rose garden, how do react?
Pounce on where the sound came from
Raise your hands to it
Stay still
10. "Rage" is taking over your mind, do you let it?
No!!! It`s too dangerous!!!
Yes!!! It`s my only hope!!!
I let it, but not completely of coarse
11. Jacob Hope has come...
OMG! I have to go see him!
I have to get away!!! He`s suppost to be DEAD!!!
12. Choose one
A Diamond watch
Blood capsle
Bear claw
13. Last question. Will you chech out my other quizzes? (won`t affect)

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Created on:2/14/2009 7:02:11 PM
Made by:Mistheart

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