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Do we agree in terms of music? The title is the name of a song by: Girugamesh

1. What is the most important part of a song?
the bass
the lyrics! Obviously
the music
the beat
2. Do you like "The Jonas Brothers" or "Hannah Montanna"?
Oh no, oh no, oh no Mr. Koolaide man!
They are ok
I love them both!!!!
I love the Jonas Brothers (sorry...just vomited a bit)
I love Hannah Montanna. (sorry...just vomited a bit)
3. Do you like classical music, like Motzart and Beethoven and stuff?
Of course. The music is beautiful and has such meaning within it.
Who?? Those guys are old! I only listen to MODERN MUSIC!!
Not really.
4. Which music genre(s) do you hate the most? And why?
Rap, hip-hop, r&b, and pop because it all sounds the same! No distinction!
Rock, metal, techno. Cause it`s so-o-o-o gay!!!
Country. Do I need a reason?
5. Which artist/band do you find more appealing?
Fall Out Boy
Jonas Brothers
Lady Ga Ga
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Lil` Wayne
Plastic Tree
6. Which song do you find more appealing? If you don`t know the song(s), then pick the name you like best.
Murders TV
Fake Out
7. Do you associate bands with social groups?
Only sometimes.
Yeah, alot. I hate stupid emo bands!
8. Do you care where a band/solo artist is from?
No, as long the music and lyrics are good.
As long as it`s in English!
Yes! I can`t understand what they`re saying! It`s weird!
9. Do you like the song "Live Your Life" by Rhianna?
Hellz no! She ruined the song "Numa Numa"!
Yeah, it`s really good!
10. Do you care how old a band is?
Yes! They have to be modern!
No, be they an 80s band or a 90s band, hell even a 60s band! If I like them, then I don`t care!
11. A song must have emotion and meaning.
No, if the music`s good, then who cares?
Definately! I can`t stand music with no meaning!
12. You get into a band/solo artist if/when......
They get REALLY popular
My friends are interested in them
When I listen to them and decide I like them.
13. Done. Hope you like the result you get and if you don`t, who`s fault is that? Hmmm????

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