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Do u need advice  quiz. i am always willing to help and i will never judge you i have been judged and i know i don t like it  D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do u need advice?
i am always willing to help and i will never judge you i have been judged and i know i don't like it =D

1. do you have a trust worthy friend or adult?
no i don`t the world hates me
Yes i do but when i talk about my feelings i can`t stop crying
kinda but i wouldn`t trust him/her with this...
no but i think i can trust you..
yes i do
2. what is your favorite color?
green and grey
3. would you like to talk to me privately?
yes please if you wouldn`t mind ( i am very trust worthy and can try help you )
no thank you i have someone in mind
um no it`s ok u don`t care!
that would be great
yes i cry myself to sleep lots and i have no one to talk to
4. do u think this is a good quiz even if u don`t have problems ( will not affect ur thingy at the end )
yes i think its a good idea
ya ur reaching out to people who have problems
no ur retarded
who does this? U SUCK!
this is great i think u can accomplish lots and change people
no i hate this idea
5. are u a christian?
i don`t no i don`t know what to believe
yess i am
im athiest
i think its a good religion but..
6. last question ( won`t afffect!!! ) will u rate or comment
Sure why not ill rate
YESS IM INLOVE! i will do both!
no none
um ill comment

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Created on:11/8/2008 10:30:26 PM
Made by:sweet_kiss

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