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How well do you know your music?
Music Music and more Music

1. Who sings Salt Shaker?
Ying Yang Twins
50 cent
yo mama
2. Who sings Before He Cheats?
Carrie Underwood
Black Eyed Peas
3. Which one of theses is not a song by Fergie
London Bridge
4. Which of these is a song by Eminem?
Just lose it
When I`m gone
All of these
5. Who Sings I write sins not tragedies?
Fall Out Boy
Panic! at the Disco
Green Day
Will Smith
6. What is the Fall Out Boy`s new cd called?
Some Hearts
The Masscare
Infinity on High
Under a cork tree
7. Who sings P.I.M.P?
Green Day
50 Cent
Trick Pony
The Beattles

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Created on:5/22/2007 9:24:50 PM
Made by:saveadance

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