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How well do u know Nightmare Before Christmas

1. Who is the star of the film?
Oogie Boogie
2. Wut holiday does Jack envy?
St. Patricks Day
3. Wut were the kids throwing instead of heads?
4. Who is Sally in love with?
Oogie Boogie
the Mayor
Santa Claus
none of above
5. Wut was Sally"s premonition?
tht Christmas wasnt real
tht Christmas waas gonna go horribly wrong and Jack was gonna get hurt
tht Jack was gonna be the best Santa ever
6. when Jack was being Santa, where was the real Sant?
bck at his house
delivering presents
with oogie boogie
with Jack
7. Wut was the terrible news in halloween town?
tht Jack died
tht Halloween was canceled
tht Christmas was canceled
tht Santa Claus was gone
8. Who is Sally always running away from?
oogie boogie
the professor
Santa Claus
9. When sally brought Jack a basket of stuff and he took the bottle from the basket, wut came out of the bottle when he opened it?
a ghost
a butterfly made out of smoke
a heart made out of smoke
a flower made out of smoke
a scream
10. How did Sally escape the locked room?
she broke down the door
she unlocked the door with the keys
she jumped out the window
she asked the professor to let her out nicely
11. (an attachment to question 10) where did Sally go after she escaped?
she went ovr to oogie boogies lair
she went to Jacks house
she went to the graveyard
she went to tell the mayor something
12. wut did Sally have to do 4 christmas 4 Jack?
make a nut cracker better
make Jacks Santa Claus suit
to make toys
to asign stuff to others
13. who had to capture Santa Claus?
the boogie boys
the vampires
14. How did Sally destract oogie boogie?
by jumping out and say "hey, come and get me oogie!"
by taking her leg off and putting it in the door
by taking her hands off and making oogie chase after them
15. last question, who falls in love at the end? (yr an idiot if u dont get this right)
oogie and Jack
Sally and Jack
Santa and Sally

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