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how well do u know me?
plz comment and rate!!!

1. what is my fav colour?
green duh
black ur emo
red the colour of ur blood!!!!
yellow im walkin on sunshine whoaa!
rainbow!!! i wish there was world peace PEACE AND HARMONY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!
2. do i lik sports?
yes! sports are my life!!!!
ummm kinda
the ones that dont involve running
only basketball
3. how many pets do i have?
1 a puppy
2 a dog and a fish
3 two cats one dog
4 a bird a snake a cat and a dog
5 a chinchila two dogs a cat and a bird
4. my favorite band or singer is...
katy perry
drowning pool
kelly clarkson
chris brown
jonas brothers
5. who is my fav character from twilight?
6. how many siblings do i have?
1 brother and 1 sister
2 sisters
im a twin
3 brothers

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Created on:3/20/2009 1:59:48 PM
Made by:rocket734

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