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Do you listen to your Heart or Head?
Which one do you think with?

1. Which color personality best describes you?
Blue- Easy and Gentle
Orange-Fun and active
Pink-Sweet and Bubbly
Black- Independent and Headstrong
Red- Tempered and Mood Changing
Purple- Caring and Funny
2. If you had to choose between these electives which one would you RATHER choose..?
Prom Commitee
Newspaper Club (Making the newspaper for school)
Music Club
Afterschool Sports
Helping the Enviroment Club
3. Someone stole your cellphone, what do you do?
Ask the office or maybe misplace, but stay calm
Feel angry and curse for whoever did it
Look at the place where you last saw it.
Forget about it!
4. Do you care about you looks?
Yeah I do soo much!
Not at all!
I do care, but I don`t go overboard!
Sometimes or on occasions!
5. Would you ever get a tattoo without your parents permission?
Yeah who cares!
I`m not interested in tattoos
My parents don`t mind!
6. If someone hurts your feeling really badly, what are you most likely to do?
Don`t say anything just walk away
Say some few words then walk away
Curse them, bully them, make there lives miserable!
Just be like "Hey whatever" and pretend that you don`t care...
7. Girl or Boy?
8. How well do you like this quiz from 1-10?
Not sure yet!

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Created on:10/13/2008 7:56:40 PM
Made by:Prettygurl

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