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Do you think this is sad? //My Deadly ending :((//
Ya ya

1. Its a Bad Love story...Do you even care?
Yes of course.
2. Starting.....Well It started out as me with my new bf sean..... Happy as could be..
Yes and..
Um k.
3. Oh and we were bf and gf for one night...That time...
Oh. X.x
4. My sister was talking to him and ruined the most wounderfulest time i had ever had....
Aw. Suckz.
To bad for you.
5. So we just sort of broke up....My Stupid sister!! Well after awhile we were mostly just good friends ya know...
Thats good. :)
Kewl, Kewl.
6. Well, he got with another girl for not to long...I was pretty jealous looking at his status on myspace ALL the time..
Aww. Really?
7. I guess he would tell me he wishes he could get back with me....And that...I was so sad...A while later again my sister got us back together...I was so glad..I would NEVER! Not think of him..
Thats Wonderfull! :3
How is this a sad quiz?
8. Then we have been together for some time...I was looking thru his pics and we were together in Rp to. So then i saw a girl tagged in this pic with him...
Oh..This isnt good.
Really? Wow...
9. I asked him about her....He said it was his rp sister....That LIERR! Then i saw her name said "Loves light" Lieing to me he did...
That Lieingg Cheatt! You need better!
That sooo suckz. -.-
10. So Then he told me the truth...But that light wasnt cheating on my rp character that he was finding another rp character for her...He wasnt lieing there tho...
Oh that isnt bad right?
Ohh come on!!
11. Couple weeks later....I went to texas to finaly get a vacation from the frustration....So I was on myspace....He said he loved me blahh blahh!! Then, A night later i saw his status "I love you naara in Rl and Rp!!" I dreamed that would happen...
omg!! Thats Sad!! X( wat a ass!
12. When i got back home...Sad messed up...Confused...I went on the computer...I saw the status and stuff again I tryed to kill myself...I started to cry...Screaming abit..Uncontrolablely..
Oh my... :(
Why Would you do that??
13. Werid how he says hes going to delete me from myspace and never does its like he likes killing me inside ya know?
Ya. <:(

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