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Do you think I am weird  quiz. I will not state my name  but I go to Southwest Middle in Orlando  FL  DO you think I am weird  tell me  kids who know me   Why do you hate me Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you think I am weird?
I will not state my name, but I go to Southwest Middle in Orlando, FL. DO you think I am weird (tell me, kids who know me). Why do you hate me?

1. Do you know me as the kid who is always harrased by everyone at Southwest Middle school in Orlando, for no damn reason?
Yes. GET a life.
NO! I don`t know you/know you, but you are my friend!
2. Do you know it really hurts? And that aggressiveness i build up will turn back on you one day?
Yes. But you are a puny weakling. (me: fag.)
Wait. Who are you?
I like you. You aren`t my enemy!
3. I will invent something one day for my future study on lightning science. Then I will say: "He-he. All you frikin kids out there who bullied me in my young years wouldv`e pained to be my friends. Well heres am message for you- too late!"
You`re dumber than a peice of crap.(me: you`re dumber than anything.)
You`re going into lightning science?(me: called keraunology!)
Well, good luck! I`m glad you`re my friend!
4. If you know why people hate me in school and treat me like leekduck and sleepydude treats everyone else, tell me why.
It`s becay=use you`re a faggot freak! (me: you`re a wimpy peice of poo)
I don`t even know you!!!
You`re fine just the way you are.

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Created on:8/6/2010 3:59:01 PM
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