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Do you think crying is a weakness?
When you cry do you think your weak or do you think it makes you stronger?

1. Are you sensitive to what people say and/or think of you?
Of course I am...It hurts...
Well Im not going to just start crying but I think about it later and I do feel pretty low....
Haha I just say something back xD I donb`t care what ppl say bout me screw them AHAHA!
um...I want pizza
2. What color appeals to you most out of these???
Dark reddy purple...
rusty grey...
a dark reddy blue
cheese or pickles xD
3. Do you like to write poety/stories based on how you feel? or even doodle xD
Yes I love to write down my emotions...
Um first of all I hate writing and second I don`t care what I feel and I don`t care about others...
Um Im not really A good poet...or an artist...I have feelings but I just sorta keep them in my mind.
4. How many times do you cry in a week? in private tho...
haha only if I get really hurt...physicaly..
Um I cry maybe 4-6 times...some is bymyself and some are in public , crying isn`t a crime right?
have you ever seen a whale?
5. What do you think about public seeing you cry...
Well its always personal and they don`t know why Im crying but it is embarrasing a lill...
Haha If I did cry it would be because something was in my eye
I know that Im a strong person and when I cry Im letting some of my weaknesses out. so I don`t care.
6. What do you think when you see someone else crying?
I want to go over to them and compfort them...I know how it feels to cry and feel like ur wothless
I just sit there and feel bad for that person...
haha laugh to myself even if I feel bad after ...
coco cococo COCOCOCO
7. DO you mind crying?
I don`t mind even if people laugh at me...I know how im gonna feel later...better =)
um I hate crying...I feel so useless and weak...I feel stupid Ha thats why I don`t cry...mostly...
I feel better after but I don`t really like crying in public but sometimes I can`t help it...
8. Rate or comment?
just comment

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