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Do they like you back?
Find out here! Sorry, it might not be 100% accurate!

1. When your eyes meet, what do they do?
Say hello and come talk to me
Smile at me
Look at me, but then look away
2. Do they try to touch you? (Get closer to you, put arm around you, etc?)
Yes all the time!
A little
Not really
Not at all!
3. Do you ever see them looking at you?
I have a lot
A little bit
Not really
4. How do they act around you?
They act very sweet
They act like they don`t want to by me
They get nervous around me (blush, stutter, etc.)
5. Do they know you exist?
I don`t know for sure
6. Do you think they enjoy being around you?
Not sure
Kind of
7. Has anyone ever told you that they like you?
Yes! All the time
Yes, just once or twice though
Not really

About This Quiz
Times Taken:6,198
Created on:5/13/2016 10:24:56 PM
Made by:pieyumm

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