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What do you spend most energy on? (A Story Quiz)
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1. You`re at school. What is the first thing you do?
Finish my homework, or study for a test.
Find my friends and talk to them before school.
Try to find him/her, and then keep an eye on them. Then find my friends.
Buy breakfast.
2. Brrrrrrring! Fourth period comes. It`s your elective, which is:
Teen Living
I double up on classes to get out early and start living!
3. Lunch Period! Describe who you sit with:
My Best Friends
My Lover and some friends
My Cousins/family
My friends/acquaintances
4. Now it`s between two periods. Your friend tells you that she likes the same boy/girl you`ve liked for a while! (Your best friend does not know this.) How do you react?
Bring it. I love competition!
Ugh! I was going to make a move. Oh well, I don`t want to hurt my best friend`s feelings. They would
I would confess. I rather have it out in the open!
Mehh. It`s a little frustrating, but whatever.
5. It`s After school. You finally arrive home. What are your plans?
Straight to Myspace!
School is so stressful. I MUST study or I`m going to fail.
Call someone.
Probably food and tv.
6. So, did you like the Quiz? (No effect).
Yes, but I dont feel like rating/commenting
No, it was BORING.
Yes, and I will rate/comment! [;

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