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Do you REALLY love him?
Think youre in love with your crush? or is it just a harmless crush?

1. Do you think about him ALOT?
i never stop thinking about him
Almost all the time
only a little bit
eww never! (me: why are you taking this quiz then?)
no i hate his guts! (me;.................:
2. Do you ever *Accidentily* bump into him?
every day...his touch thrills me....
quite a bit
meh, sometimes, just to annoy him :P
no if he touched i`d kill him! (me: why havent you left yet?)
3. When you catch him staring at you, you:
stare back til he stops
look shlyl in his eyes then look away
make a flirty face
punch him in the gut and ask what his problem is(me: GET OUT!)
stick your tongue out playfully
he doesnt look at me.....
4. Do you Have his phone number?
duh he gave it to me when me met
yeah, i begged him for it
no i wouldnt want his number thats gross (me: once again.......why are you here?)
no i dont really want it
no, but i want it....
yeah cuz we are bff`s
5. When you see him do you get the butterflies?
omg yes!
no but i love it when we talk!
kind of
no i hit him...hard.(what is wrong with you?)
naw we best buds
no im used to him talking to me
6. do you get jealous when he talks to other girls?
sort of....
no why would i care(me: why are you still here?)
no i hate his guts! (me;.................:
nope he`s my best friend!
7. if you saw him kissing another girl, what would you think? isnt real..its a nightmare....
i would cry.
i would be sad, but decide to get over it
naw its okay with me :-)
i would hit him cuz i hate him(me:OMFG you are STILL here?!)
8. do you THINK you love him?
yes with all my heart
sort of
not really
we best buds :P
no i hate him!
i dont think so
9. Do you have a song dedicated to him without him knowing it?
yes, its all i think about
yes, but he knows it
yeah, but its a silly one joking around
yes. its about killing him. (me:WTF?)
no...thatd me weird...(me: then why are you here?)
10. Will you rate or comment?(wont affect grade)

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Created on:5/9/2009 5:11:02 PM
Made by:whitenerdy

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