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Do you REALLY love you Dog?
Do you REALLY love your Dog? (e)

1. First of all..Do you love your dog?
YES! I love my doggy!
Yea I do
Sorta, I`m not THAT big of a dog person..
No, all that stupid dog does is growl at me
2. How many times a day do you walk your dog?
I`m not sure, LOTS, like, 9 or something, she/he LOVES walks,
Around once a day, that all my dog needs
Once a month when my parents make me, thinking I dont have anything else to do
3. Do you regularly brush your dog?
Yes all the time, especially on his/her neck, where she cant reach very well under her coller
Once a week, all he/she needs
My dog is tuff, no need to be brushed, and besides, s/he can groom herself/himself
4. Do you ever shop for your dog
YEA I always buy my dog stuff
Ya sometimes

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Created on:11/21/2007 3:13:43 PM
Made by:xXkill-meXx

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