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Do you really hate him her  quiz. It s to see if you really hate the person you think you hate   P   in my opinion  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you really hate him/her?
It's to see if you really hate the person you think you hate :-P ( in my opinion )

1. If you look at him/her what do you think?
I think of ways to kill her/him or I think: LOOSER!
I think nothing about her/him!
I think:I definetly don`t like her/him!
I think: She/he`s so perfect it hurts! I dont like her!
2. If you saw that person crying what would you do?
Ignore her!
Ask her wat`s wrong
Pass and say : *cought* finnaly *cought*
Pass and say: At least, good news!
3. Lunch time, she/he is sitting with friends and you have a milkshake, when you are near them you:
Drop "acidently" my milkshake on her/him and say: OPS! Sorry!
Pass and do nothing (me: -.-)
*cought* I *cought* hate *cought* you *cought*
Drop the milkshake at the table and hope it falls
4. If she "acidently" drop milkshake on your best dress you:
Grab yours and drop too and say : OPS!
Say: dont worry, it`s ok.
Say: What people do when they are jeloss, pwhew!
5. This is the last question, well it`s not a question, hope you like it, it wont afect outcome, so pick any of them!

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Created on:10/20/2008 8:58:56 AM
Made by:tassy

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