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"Do you prefer the Sword or Bow"
Witch one's the best fit for you? ( Acording to this quiz! )

1. If you were fighting, would you prefer to strike closer or farther away from your enemies?
Closer, it will be faster!
Farther, it will be steadier!
2. Do you prefer to be hidden or not when you atack?
Hidden, then when I strike they`ll be surprised!
Not hidden, than I can surprise them before I atack!
3. Are your reflexes fast, slow, or regular?
4. Do you want the main color of your weapon to be silver, or colorful?
OMG! Colorful!
I like Silver!
5. If you were stranded on a island and there was danger would you take your time to make a weapon or just make one of things you find?
It`s better to just take my time!
Just make one so I can defend myself quicker!
6. Do you prefer to strike your victim multipl times or once?
Multipl times
7. When you fight do you prefer one stance or would you move around?
One stance
Move around
8. Would you like to comment on this quiz? (Doesn`t count.)
Yes of course
Umm No No No

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,892
Created on:10/29/2015 3:05:59 AM
Made by:WildDragon10

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