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Do people see you as a nerd  quiz. This is not an  Are you a nerd   quiz but it will tell you if people at your school think you re a nerd  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do people see you as a nerd?
This is not an 'Are you a nerd?' quiz but it will tell you if people at your school think you're a nerd.(e)

1. How much do you love your mom?
My mom is cool she is always there for me if I need her and... yeah.
I love my mommy!
My mom`s OK
I hate my mother!
2. Do you pick your nose?
Sometimes but not always.
NO! Dude that`s DISGUSTING!!
3. Do you think this shirt looks good?
Oh my gosh I would SO wear that shirt!
It`s OK I don`t know if I`d wear it but it`s OK.
Eww... that shirt is ugly!
4. Do you watch baby shows?
Yes they are very neat they`re my favorite shows!
Uhh... only to make fun of them.
No that`s stupid.
5. Are you quiet at school?
Yes except when I snort.
Yes I`m pretty shy.
Not so much but I`m not popular.
NO WAY! I am cool and popular! :D
6. Has anyone ever tried to change your fashion?
Yes. :(
No but I think someone needs to.
No my fashion is cool! :)
7. How`s your hair?
Very nice,,, everyone says so! :-D
It looks nice - sometimes it`s messed up a bit, but in general it`s just fine.
Frizzy/ugly/weird/everyone hates it. (me: aw don`t be so hard on yourself)
8. Do you wear glasses?
Yes with BIG frames!
Yeah but not huge frames.
No... (me: Lucky!)
9. Last question: What kinda grades do you get?
A`s on every test, every quiz! Every homework assignment (I never miss any)...
Umm... I get A`s and B`s and sometimes I miss a homework assignment but overall I`m pretty good.
No I stink.

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Created on:2/29/2008 4:10:36 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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