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What do the One Direction guys think of you {Girls}
Please take and see, Like and Comment what you get.

1. Which Color do you perfer?
2. Which guy would you want to like you?
3. Which type of person do you like?
Wild/ Funny/Fun Person
Quiet/Smiley/ Happy Person
Smart Person
Athletic/Pretty Person
Shy Person
4. Favorite Song of these?
Thrilller - Michael Jackson
Free Fallin - John Mayer
Look After you - The Fray
Viva la vida - Coldplay
Happy Birthday Song
5. What do friends describe you as?
Being a Fun person. Never boring.
Shy and Quiet.
Happy and Smiley person, but tends to be quiet.
Athletic, and really pretty.
Smart, Fun goof around.
6. What do you do most of the time?
Study, Read, Learn new things. But loves to hang with friends.
Sports, other than that Shopping, and other things to help me look better,
Watch T.V., go on the computer, or just chill.
Do whatever happens at the time.
Hang with Friends, do new crazy things, to keep things interesting.
7. When you go out with friend which friend are you?
Just in the crowd, chilling.
Jumping off of things, and attracting attention.Personality wise and Looks wise.
Keeping the group together thinking of stuff to talk about.
Talking, Leading the pack.
Joking around, having fun, not stopping at surprising the others of your craziness.

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