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Do you need a friend  quiz. I m always here waiting for someone to talk to me who is need of a friend or just wants to be friends   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you need a friend?
I'm always here waiting for someone to talk to me who is need of a friend or just wants to be friends =)

1. How many friends do you have?
I have maybe 1 or two =( ( I`ll be your friend =) )
I have no friends I`m pretty much alone at school ( I be your frwend =D )
2. are you a loner at school?
Yeah I am but I like to be alone most of the time... ( I like to be alone too )
HA! are you kidding I have loads of friends!!
Yeah I`m pretty much alone all the time I do want some friends =( ( i`m here? )
I got friends so I`m almost never alone but hey Being alone can`t hurt (It can when ur always alone)
3. if you had no friends and things kinda got tough around you would you be ok to talk to me?
No I don`t need anyone to talk to I`m A ok ( really ok thats fine =) but I`m there incase )
Yeah i could use a friend...=( if you don`t mind..( me of course not =) )
I really need a friend I`m always alone and I just..( speachless, thats aright i know how u feel )
Naw ima ok I have lots of friendsss ( always thre if you need me =) )
4. Do you think I made this quiz cuz I need friends? answer honestly =)
Ahaha yup...loner!!!!
No I think you want to be friends with people who don`t have friends ( me right answer =D hehe )
Yeah but no at the same time....( kinda true I guess I have friends and I like to make new friends )
I don`t think you have no friends I think you want more and i do too!!
5. what are some things you think about when you are alone ( if your alone )
Ha I`m never alone always with my groupies!!!
I think about my problems and I try to make choices I dunno just think about my life ( me too )
I`m always with people and We just talk freely ( well i guess you pplz are friends lol )
I think about everything everyday cuz I`m all alone everyday =(....
6. Do you think I could be your friend?
yeah I like to get more friends!!!
Yeah I need another friend =)
Nope I have too many friends ( ok thats fine =) )
Ya I really want you to be my friend you seem nice I need a friend =/ ( I am nice =) )
7. rate or comment?
I will rate and comment =) ( me yay thanks )
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Created on:12/5/2008 8:18:48 PM
Made by:sweet_kiss

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