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Do you need a change    quiz. Are you ready for a change  whether small or big  See if you need a whole new you  Please rate and comment   P Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Do you need a change???
Are you ready for a change, whether small or big? See if you need a whole new you. Please rate and comment! :P

1. Do you think you need a change?
Yeah. I cant take my same old life anymore.
Ummm... Maybe...
No. I love my life right now.
2. Do you get bored easily?
No. I have plenty of things to do!
Sometimes. If my friends arent around.
Always. There is nothing to do!
3. How would you describe yourself?
A daydreamer. My life is boring and im always aspiring to do new things.
Nice but shy. Im not big into taking risks.
Crazy and hyper. I need to do something new all the time.
4. Are you usually the first to try new things?
YES!!! Im always the one convincing my friends.
Sometimes. It depends how risky the new thing is.
NO WAY!!! I always need my friends to convince me.
5. This was a fairly short quiz...
Its kk.

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Created on:6/17/2008 8:46:38 PM
Made by:kooool

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