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What do my friends think of me? quiz. Find out what they`re REALLY thinking!

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What do my friends think of me?
Find out what they're REALLY thinking! (e)

1. If a troubled friend called you in the middle of the night, what would your reaction be?
Listen carefully and thoughtfully as they pour their heart out to you.
Let the phone ring but call them back first thing in the morning.
Tell them you`re busy but you`ll call back as soon as possible.
Your mom!!!
2. If a friend really hurt your feelings, what would you do?
Wait for you to both call off, then tell suggest talking things out over an ice cream.
Call immediantly and apologize for any hurt feelings and calmly explain your thoughts.
Mail a letter saying how much you appreciate their friendship and hope for the best.
Your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. If you were invited to two parties on the same day, which one would you go to?
Go to the one you were invited to first.
Go to the one being hosted by the friend you`re closest to.
Go to the one that`s got the best food.
Your mom!!!!
4. If a friend kept complaining about the same thing over and over so it was getting annoying, you would...?
Keep listening. That`s what friends do.
Explain that expressing their feelings it good, but perhaps they need to address the problem.
Offer to help them confront the problem that`s bothering them so much.
Your mom!!!!!
5. If you wanted to buy a friend a gift just because, what would you get them?
Something that totally reflects their personality no matter the price!!
Something on the clearance counter that you know they`ll love.
A gift certificate- duh, what`s better than money?
Your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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