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Do you love him, or just like him?
Do you love or just like?

1. Your lover gives you this picture, because you`ve been together so long. What`s your reacation?
Kiss him sweetly on the cheek.
Cry a little, remembering when that happened so long ago, and kiss him on his lips.
Hug him, and look right into his eyes, as flashbacks come of when that happened.
2. Your very stressed out after work as you come home, Your lover kisses you and gives you this puppy, even though your not sure your ready for one, but realize he wants to marry you. Your reacation?
You tell him that your not ready for a puppy or a marriage, but hug him truely.
Tell him that you want to marry him for sure, and kiss him.
Pick up the puppy and pet it sweetly, telling your lover you want to name it `Love` and kiss him.
3. On valentine`s day he gives you this. Your reacation?
Smile, knowing how much he loves you, and give him the same exact card you made him, with a kiss.
Kiss the card and hug him.
Cry slightly, wiping away tears, because you knew you should have bought him a card, but kiss him.
4. Ok, so now it`s his birthday and you give him this. What`s his reacation?
"Awwwww," and kisses you on the lips.
Gives you a huge hug, and pets the dog.
Kisses you for about 15 seconds, right by the sunset!
5. Ok, you might be too young to get married, but is this what you want to look like soon?
Of course!
It`s not close enough it seems.. why can`t i get be older?
6. Is he as cute as this dog?
Just the same.
That`s nothing against him.
7. Is this true?
Oh, of course it is!
8. Now, when you first saw your lover, did you think it was love?
9. I have to go, will you comment and rate(won`t effect)

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Created on:4/23/2009 11:44:28 AM
Made by:r0ckhottie

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